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Shakeaway’s Famous Sale Menu

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The Famous Shakeaway Sale is back and now available in all stores! There are four limited-edition shakes to choose from, each has two flavours and a topping, all for the price of one flavour – what a bargain!

We have two amazing new shakes on the menu this year... Meet discount donna, a fruity blend of strawberries and maoam stripes topped off with whipped cream, all for the price of one flavour... and a warm welcome to jess for less - this shake is a tasty blend of banana and oats, topped with swirls of yummy biscoff sauce! What a delicious bargain!

What about a value vicky? A combination of chocolate with snickers and a flake on top – simply amazing. Sam will help you save this January! A delicious coffee and nutella blend, topped with whipped cream… You can also try any Famous Sale shake made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of our reduced sugar ice cream if you’d like!

These Sale shakes are available until 31st January 2024, don’t miss out!

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