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The Shakeaway Valentines menu is in stores now!

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Shakeaway have launched an amazing new and exclusive limited edition Valentine’s menu. There is a choice of six specially created milkshakes that will be sure to melt your heart.


Forever faye

Forever faye is a delightful mix of strawberry millions with marshmallows and a popping candy topping.


Handsome harry

A winning combination of daim and nutella, all topped off with maltesers creates the handsome harry.


Devoted dennis

Devoted dennis will sweep you off your feet with the dreamy mix of white kinder bueno and chocolate brownie, topped with a flake!


Loveable luke

Loveable luke will be sure to make you feel the love this Valentine’s – a combination of love hearts & skittles, with a jelly tots topping, luke will definitely put a smile on your face.


Blushing bonnie

Strawberry cheesecake with extra strawberries, and a generous free topping of milkybar buttons is the blushing bonnie – a perfect Valentine’s shake to buy your loved one.


Passionate patsy

For all you sweethearts out there we have the passionate patsy - an exotic mix of passion fruit & coconut, topped with chopped nuts.

Only available until Tuesday 14th February. Which one will take your fancy this Valentine’s?
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