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Shakeaway is ranked #32 in the top 50 UK franchises

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Shakeaway, the world’s largest milkshake bar company since 1999 has been ranked number 32 out of the top 50 food franchises in the UK as reported by Food Franchise Magazine. We have gained 8 places from #40 to #32 which of course is great news for us. Having originated a new and exciting milkshake product more than 17 years ago, our brand has developed a loyal cult following of fans throughout the UK and now all over the world. The UK will by the end of next year have 55 stores with a further 20 international stores

Shakeaway is just behind Harry Ramsdens at #30 as well as being ahead of Creams Café who are currently ranked at #34. Food Franchise magazine includes a write up on Shakeaway within the feature:

“The demand for milkshakes continues to rise in the UK, with a whole host of restaurant chains offering them on their menu. Therefore it should come as no surprise to see Shakeaway in the list of Top 50 Food Franchises. Since launching in Bournemouth, in 1999, the business has seen the opening of 40 units and has found its way to 32th in our list. With more than 180 flavours and millions of possible combinations to choose, we should expect Shakeaway’s fanbase to continue to grow, along with it the number of outlets feeding the demand.”

(Food Franchise Magazine, October 2016).

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